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Touch For Health  - A summary of the first 2 levels
In TFH 1 you learn and apply the healing tools immediately: 
1) accurate indicator muscle testing 
2) seeing how a muscle links to a meridian and can ’talk’ (e.g. an arm muscle reveals the energy of the Stomach meridian)
3) Emotional Stress Release - this simple exercise is gentle and profound
4) simple pain control techniques and more
Benefits of TFH 1 
  • feeling amazed and exhilarated
  • having more energy and self-awareness
  • effective and swift techniques for resolving emotional stress and pain
  • A quick daily muscle ‘dance’ that re-sets and balances your energy flow
In TFH 2, you build on your TFH 1 skills. Through applying what you learn and receiving balances from other participants you’ll deepen your understanding of how energy flows across the 24 hour cycle. We look at Food Testing identifying foods that raise or lower a person’s energy and more.


Benefits of TFH 2 
  • feeling centred, calm and balanced 
  • having your body tell you what will /won’t help it be energised
  • Additional  techniques for clearing emotional stress and easing physical pains


Important Facts about Touch For Health


Touch for Health (TFH) Level 1 - 4 is an Internationally Accredited Training 

IKC -  International Kinesiology College

Touch for Health, Australia 

AKA - Australian Kinesiology Association

AIK - Australian Institute of Kinesiolgy

Devised by Dr John Thie, TFH shows you to work with the body’s natural energy. It is the ultimate complete system for Self-Care and care for your family.

You'll discover how to:

  • strengthen muscles
  • reduce pain 
  • promoting vitality and raise energy levels
  • set goals that balance you & others to achieve them
  • sense energy blocks and release them
  • apply techniques to de-stress and resolve emotional and mental upsets

With TFH you learn more about yourself, your energy and how to enhance it.

You will gain clarity about WHO you truly are, WHY you are you, and WHAT you are here to achieve.

TFH is internationally recognized and provides a solid foundation for further study in healing therapies for e.g. kinesiology, massage, acupuncture, naturopathy and more.


Benefits of TFH Training

  • Increase your energy and self-awareness - naturally, healthily and swiftly
  • Have effective and swift techniques for resolving emotional stress and pain - at your fingertips!
  • Practice a quick daily muscle ‘dance’ that re-sets and balances your energy flow - design your own Energy Reset Ritual
  • Gentle and safe and techniques you can use immediately with your children, family and pets to increase vitality and when needed reduce pain.

TFH Level 1

5th - 6th February, 2020 

9.30 am - 5.30 pm


(Save when you enrol for  both TFH 1 & 2 - $998)

In this gentle course learn to care for yourself, your children. Boosting your own health, well-being and resilience, you'll discover the fundamental kinesiology principles. You'll have a sequential and logical process to effectively muscle test, understand biofeedback and apply healing touch.

You will assess where in the body Energy is blocked, stagnant or over-energized. Then you'll find the body's priority technique that will balance this. You'll be amazed to see how quickly and gently you can support someone to return to energetic stability.  You will learn how to easily balance the basic 14 muscles related to the Chinese Meridians and their organs. Techniques covered have immediate practical application for improving hearing, sight, posture, stress and how to discover what food is strengthening or weakening your constitution. You will discover how you can sense energy and use simple exercises to de-stress: emotionally and mentally.

To register email or call Molly:


Mob. 0411 969 554


TFH Level 2 

Sat- Sun 8th & 9th Feb 

OR 6th & 7th May

9.30am - 5.30 pm


(Save when you enrol for  both TFH 1 & 2 - $998)

Further your fundamental skills from TFH 1. Discover faster ways to balance through Circuit locating. This enables you to identify the body’s priority for correction.

Deepen your knowledge with the Law of 5 Elements (Fire, Earth, Metal, Water & Wood). Increase your muscle knowledge with 14 more indicator muscles, understanding their relationship to the meridians and function of the organs (e.g. Earth Element has 2 meridians: Stomach and Spleen). We will cover meridian massage (gentle and feels amazing), how to integrate brain function better (valuable for all, especially children), and E.S.R. for Future Performance. 

Save by enrolling in TFH 1 & 2 and pay only $998


Supervised Practice Sessions 1/2 day -$49

An important addition to your consolidating your Touch For Health course.

You choose what you need to focus on or understand better and then you balance other students and recieve healing balances too. Being supervised means you can ask questions, be shown demonstrations and hang out with like-minded folk. Everyone feels better and joyful after giving and receiving energy healing.

Contact Molly for the next Practice day dates.



TFH Level 3

Sat/Sun 1st - 2nd August, 2020

9.30am - 5.30pm


Now you integrate and enhance your TFH skills. You will learn how to balance using colour, sound and emotions, thus increasing your tool box! In addition you will learn the final 14 muscles related to meridians/organs, chronic pain relief techniques and how to balance and work with past trauma. Learn and apply powerful goal-setting for longer lasting results and transformation in your life.


TFH Level 4

Sat/Sun 12th-13th September, 2020

9.30 am - 5.30 pm


Save by enrolling in TFH 3 & 4 and pay only $998

Dates to be advised

In your final workshop refine your muscles testing skills with specific goal balancing. Review balancing muscles standing, sitting or lying down so you can feel confident. You’ll practice applying the TFH database to prioritise your balances, work with specific goals, and learn the Tibetan Figure 8 technique, and complete Emotional Stress Release across past, present and into the future.



To enrol please email Molly Brumm:

I will email you my enrolment form so I can register you with the IKC and your journey back to YOU begins!

I teach Touch For Health at Conscious Heart Kinesiology, Keperra, Brisbane.


Bonus - Supervised Practice Sesssions , 1/2 day - $49 each
- increase your confidence as you balance other students 
- receive a balance and achieve your goals
- ask any questions you need answered or demonstrated!

Note Supervised Practice Sessions are designed to support your skills and confidence.

Once you master muscle testing and begin to practice your confidence grows.

Naturally the more confident you become the more you practice and develop and hone your new skills.

TFH is a life changing course and I recommend you have support along the way!



Earth to Heaven in 7: 7 Chakra Steps 

Contact Molly for dates

Time: 8 week course  7.00 pm - 8.30 pm

 $459  Early Bird $397

90 minute weekly class over 8 weeks

Each week explore and discover your chakras. Begin by learning to ground yourself at your Base chakra and experience your raw energy. Work your way through each chakra up to your Crown Chakra. Through specific movements for each chakra, colour, sound, aromatherapy and guided visualisations you’ll become aware of your individual chakra and its needs. What do you need to heal, balance and direct the power of your chakras?


Bringing Your Heaven Down to Earth

Connecting your Higher Self to your Physical Body

Contact Molly for next dates

Time: 10 week course 

90 minute weekly class: held over 10 weeks

The emphasis in this course is to bring our Crown Chakra energy into each other chakra, illuminating them with the light of our Higher Selves and Divine Source.

We begin with the Base Chakra to ensure we are grounded and ready to experience this Divine energy. Then we connect with our Higher Source of Energy- our Soul Star Chakra before travelling through each chakra from Crown to Earth Star Chakra

Through a range of practical exercises encompassing sound, aromatherapy, guided visualisations, meditations, movement and colour we explore the Front conscious part of each Chakra lit with our connection to Divine Source.



Be Seen - Be Heard - Be You! 

Are you longing to comfortably assert yourself & ideas? Do you wish you could speak up confidently?

This workshops is for you when you feel invisible at work, ignored in meetings, spoken over the top of by others.

Discover how your voice is turning others ‘off’ - literally scrambling their energy so they can’t ‘hear’ you.

Then let's balance it!

Includes: specific voice exercises that strengthen and improve your vocal quality, pitch and tone.


Hold the Stage!: Secrets of Actors applied to your Public Speaking 

Practice how to ‘take the space’ like a powerful actor does so all eyes naturally gravitate to you, people tune into what you are saying and most satisfying of all, begin to experience what it feels like to be truly heard by those you work with, live with and love.

This workshop integrates all my lifeskills and training as a kinesiologist, actor, director and teacher.

To find out more just email or a text:


Mob. 0411 969 554


Soothe and Calm Anxious Children With Gentle Loving Touch

3 hour Workshop - for parents to work with their children at home

Learn specific points on the body and head to gently:

  • assist and transform your child’s anxiety
  • ease distress around sleep
  • nourish your child so they sleep deeply and wake refreshed
  • build their resilience
  • increase their capacity to learn new things

This flows into their day and build their resilience as they face the bumps and bruises whether at home, in daycare or pre-school.

‘Energy is all there is’, Einstein


To find out more about any of my courses or to have a treatment just email or a text:


Mob. 0411 969 554