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Learn to work with your Energy Blueprint - Discover Touch For Health

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Want to upgrade your energy blueprint?


Enhance your natural healing powers?


Save money by nurturing your family's wellness - and your own?

I first learnt Touch For Health (TFH) so I could support my 3 kids naturally and confidently. I couldn't afford to see my naturopath and buy herbs x 3 kids. I loved her support yet I also knew I needed to do more for us too.
I also believed that most of my kids' illnesses, off days, bumps and emotional bruises rarely needed a pharmaceutical solution. However I also knew I needed to 'knowledge myself up!'

Learning TFH:

1) increased my self - confidence

2) enhanced my intuition 

3) gave my left brain the structure and sequence it craved so I could work with ENERGY

Touch For Health (TFH) helped and continues to help me negotiate everyday structural, emotional, mental and nutritional stresses with grace and ease.
Now my daughters are young adults and they know how much it helps - SO - they book in for Energy Balances. And when they're away from home? They call me and I work with them online....

Call me and let's see what Touch For Health can do for you!

Ring Molly - 0411 969 554

TFH has 4 levels, and each level is a stand-alone course. As you progress through each level you:
  • deepen your knowledge
  • increase your intuition
  • learn short-cuts
  • AND
  • get balanced yourself!
You'll meet like-minded people and receive many balances. It is an awesome personal self-development course at a fraction of the price of the shiny big name ones.



Best of all though is when:

  • it's 3 am and your child is hurting and you can help them there and then
  • your partner has a rotten day at work and in 20 mins you can help them release the crap and feel happy again
  • you're stressed and tying yourself in knots and your own kids remind you of a simple technique that instantly gets you back into your own power - calm, centered and strong again...

these are the gifts of Touch For Health


Call or email me and get started on a course that transforms lives!


M. 0411 969 554