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To Eat or Not to Eat: Perhaps WHEN is a better question?

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To eat or not to eat

Perhaps When is the better question?


Have your heard of Intermittent Fasting and Dr Michael Mosley?

I like reading his books, I’m inspired by his curiosity and I’ve tried fasting.


But more recently I was walking across France on the Camino path and over-eating…


The above photo is a 9th century fresco we would never have seen except for one kooky French hiker we met - Jean-Baptiste. And he rang the bell for us so we’d come into the chapel and later he offered me a pearl of wisdom.


‘You’ll never starve in France’, 

he told me waving a begged baguette. 

‘There’s always bread in France!’


Starvation was a real threat to survival in the middle ages and used as a weapon in sieges to gain power. And walking on the Camino in France you steep yourself in history and have plenty of time to think.


Old Fears


When I tried Intermittent Fasting I rediscovered my sensation of hunger. And an old fear surfaced simultaneously. If I get hungry I’ll get a headache.




Jean-Baptiste is right about France too - you don’t starve. In fact I lost my hunger-sensation. Each night we ate delicious, huge home cooked meals in the hostels (they call them gites). It was like staying with favourite aunties and uncles who loved the specialities of their region and loved to see you eat.




Aha! Another belief from childhood surfaced:


I must eat what’s put in front of me.


All of it! And that was easy because the food was so delicious, and the culture in France reveres food, is inspired by food and we found everyone loves to talk food!


So I’m home again and intermittent fasting is back on my radar. I came across a TedX talk which you may like.

I wrote about here:


From 7 pm - 7 am


Enjoy your next meal- Bon Appetit!


Blessings on your day,


PS the fresco was in the Chapel of St Madeleine, a wee chapel in the fields and Jean-Baptiste’s ringing and ringing of the chapel bell was magical.