What Happens when you Work with Me

"With Molly I got my laughter back"

“Molly is focused on what the client's muscles are showing & uses tools backed up by research. Molly has taught me tools to use in my everyday life...not many people in the allied health & energy medicine field are this caring & focused on the client - seeing their work with them as a partnership. After each treatment I feel better - when I mean better - all of me in body, mind & spirit is better. I notice it immediately.” SD

I will stabilise your Energy from on all levels. I calm down your nervous SystemS, (because there’s 2!) dissolve mental anguish and emotional turmoil and help you return to a balanced physical and energetic state.

This is a base level for all of us to be able to succeed in life.

Next, you’ll experience and learn how to maintain that energetic stability day to day. And as a result of experiencing hope and being fully alive in your body again, you’ll assert your boundaries, experience improvements in your relationships and increase your resilience so negative influences cease to affect you.

Recently results I have seen and helped achieve in my practice are:

  • an older gentleman struggling to walk, fearful of falling from an uneven gait, back to walking 5 km daily
  • a woman who felt ‘broken’ find her courage again to stretch out of her contracted comfort zone
  • a woman find her power to tackle her weight issue, take the actions she needs so she is now releasing excess weight
  • AND numerous women to find their ‘voice’, honour themselves and learn to say No, asserting themselves and their boundaries from a position of self- confidence and inner-authority

I still consider this the highest honour I’ve been gifted by a client:

With Molly I got my laughter back’. (FH)

And knowing how crucial sleep is to all aspects of our health and well-being I always love to hear this (& I hear it regularly):

'Molly, I slept ALL night. Thank you!’ (VD)

Hope and optimism powerfully heal us, along with a deep restorative sleep.

When people work with me they get these 3 essentials:

  • transformation and hope
  • motivation and their sense of purpose
  • a map for the next stage of their healing

PLUS they also retrieve their Energetic Stability.

Many people don’t realise until they FEEL it again is that this is what they missed and longed for.

Energetic Stability is what actors call ‘being centred’.

You may hear it described as ‘being grounded’. People describe others as ‘she (or he) is ‘down to earth’.

Being energetically stable means you stay calm and responsive when pressured or stressed. You maintain your focus and clarity without resorting to strategies that ‘just get you through’.

Strategies can look like self-medicating, being a work-a-holic, disassociating (vagueing out) etc.

“Molly is an awesome practitioner, skilled and with so much knowledge. I saw her about an issue I wasn't coping with and went home feeling as if I had had a full body massage I felt so relaxed! Needless to say, the issue also became a non-event.” J.C.

So I’m going to help you achieve:

  • more laughter and flexibility (muscular and mental)
  • more emotional resilience and balance
  • more joy, motivation and peace
Let’s get you back in the driver’s seat of your own life.

I’m passionate about seeing people release their pain, release their fear and anxiety and walk out with renewed hope lightening their step.

And what I love is when I hear back from my clients that the next emotional or mental ‘tsunami’ that hit them turned into a wave they could surf.

“Hi Molly, I had a chat with beautiful ‘M’ (her 11 year old) in the car and she said she really really enjoyed it…and asked how does she do all that? She said a lot of what you said really added up and was all connected for her. She expressed how she feels so much better about herself after talking about her friend’s behaviour and how this has more to do with her friend rather than her. I wanted to express my heart felt thanks. As a single parent sometimes I run out of “juice” not having the other parent to bounce ideas off or receive support from. I am very grateful to have found the extra support that I can offer my daughter. Thank you Molly” RA
.....Let’s ride some energy waves