Conscious Heart Kinesiology

I help you increase your energy, sleep better and de-stress so you can get on with your life!

Ways to Work With Me

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  • Individual Consultations
  • Coaching and Kinesiology Programs
  • Retreat @ Home Intensives
  • Healing Circles - small groups
  • Kinesiology Training
  • Learn & Practice Energy Techniques in short workshops
  • Touch For Health Level 1 - 4


  • Earth to Heaven in 7: 7 Chakra Steps
  • Bringing Heaven Down to Earth


  • Be Seen, Be Heard, Be You

Return Yourself to Balance

Emotionally, mentally, physically, spiritually!

You are in charge during your Balance

My skills enable your body and your subconscious to direct the balance and choose what will best affect change for you.

Meridians, Auras, Chakras.

A 14 muscle balance gives us an instant picture of the energy in your meridians. Like a garden hose meridians are meant to flow but if there’s a ‘kink’ in them, the water (energy) is blocked and pressured above the kink, and there is no water coming out (loss of energy) below the kink.

Magic? No!

Energy balances are like a stone thrown in a pond. They ripple through you physically, psychologically, emotionally. They transform your relationships to your family, work/life balance and pleasure in the things you love to do. Choose for yourself the journey, aim to have a series of balances and then see how you go.

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Jan Clifford - Brisbane

"Molly is an awesome practitioner, very skilled and with so much knowledge. I went to see her about an issue that I just wasn't coping with and went home feeling as if I had had a full body massage I felt so relaxed! Needless to say, the issue also became a non-event."

LB, Noosaville

“I was mentally stressed, muscle tensed, spine twist before Molly’s magical touch, I was totally relaxed with clear head, relief from the tension after her touch. I still don’t understand the whole thing but I had the best sleep ever that night just like a baby.”

TB, Brisbane

"Molly’s healing touch brought me back to being the “real me” after my marriage breakup when I felt disassociated from myself and completely unable to communicate effectively with others or cope with my daily routine. Since that first introduction to the profound positive effects of kinesiology, I have sought it many times to help with other physical and emotional issues of everyday life."

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