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2020 November

Love Ya! Dickhead!!!

Negative self-talk usually comes from adults when we're little. A voice is planted in our heads. Want to get rid of it?

2020 November

I'm just out of Whack!!

A client explains how she went from feeling 'out of whack' to feeling calm, content and alive again.

2020 November

What Story is your Body wanting to Heal?

Kinesiology is self-care and storytellling.

2020 April

Understanding Headaches

Have constant headaches? Wish you could understand why you get them? In this post, I give my five tips to understanding headaches and how to get rid o...

2020 April

Explaining Kinesiology

Many people are confused about what Kinesiology is. In this post, I explain what Kinesiology is, what it is not, and how it can help you with common i...

2020 March

Feeling Stressed?

Feeling Stressed? What if we could lower your stress levels? What could you achieve? Click here to read this post and see how you can overcome stress....

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