About Me

So this is what happened. (I was only in my 20s.) I was coughing so hard I thought I’d break a rib. And I never connected it to the grief of losing my mum to cancer. Then I had a GP who didn’t SEE ME. It appeared that he only saw my symptoms and proceeded to prescribe antibiotics- once, twice, thrice? No more!

At that moment I had an epiphany - the antibiotics and the GP’s strategy were the wrong key for this locked door. They hadn’t worked the first 2 times so, I threw away that 3rd prescription and made what turned out to be my life-changing call.

I booked in with a Kinesiologist.
A what-ologist?

The Energy Drew Me...

All I knew about Kinesiology was it was about movement. Then I caught up with a friend who’d been seeing a kinesiologist. Her physical transformation was incredible. She gave me his card. Apart from that I had no idea what kinesiology was. Today I would say the energy drew me - I simply knew this was my path and I acted.

Not only did it transform my pain. Over a series of balances kinesiology renewed my strength, and my psychological resilience.

Kinesiology was facilitating my healing because it treated ALL of me. The journey was weaving my energetic bodies and physical body together again. I realised that other modalities while temporarily soothing my physical issues were ultimately focused on managing - not true change.

Kinesiology brought to my conscious mind, the thoughts, beliefs & emotions that were underlying the pain.

I was Back!

After my first session I felt like I’d got ‘Molly’ back. Don’t know where she’d fled, but she was back. Today I’d say my kinesiologist grounded me, brought me back into my body. I felt supple and flexible once more and my cough disappeared as I gently and swiftly processed my huge grief and resolved it.

The miracle? I had hope again.

In the last couple of years I’ve been helping people just like you achieve energetic stability, transform their grief, anxiety and other imbalances. They find peace within themselves - and joy!


I am a Registered Professional Kinesiologist, Level 5 (AKA), an educator and a Speaker. An expert in energetic stability, I guide you to your Telos - your Life-Soul purpose - and in maintaining and enhancing your Heart-Brain powers.

As an expert in this, I’m like a GPS, a Stress GPS.

Together we find those coordinates and release the stress there. This happens at the priority level for you. By listening to the body we access the priority your body-soul knows will help you heal and grow.