6 Steps to Being Grounded

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Six Simple Ways  - Try one! Try them All!

Who wants to tap into their unlimited energy source? Did you know your Adrenals are linked to your Base Chakra? And your Base Chakra nurtures your sense of safety in the world - it focuses you on your physical survival. It helps you stay present and have a presence. Are you often rushing? Frustrated when stuck in snarls of traffic? Maybe you sometimes feel like you're just being blown around - like a tumbleweed - nothing holding you firm. No anchor in the storm.

So what might fatigued Adrenals be trying to warn us about? My answer is that we’re overtired. Have you ever felt so tired you couldn’t even eat? Then after a nap or rest your appetite returned? Well, we need the energy to digest food, which gives us energy…. We also need the energy to digest and make sense of our lives. 

What will help us tap into our deepest source of energy?

  1. Well, meditation is one proven way. 1/2 hour of quiet still focus is equivalent to 2+ hours of sleep. The feeling that comes with meditation is expansive and nurtures a deep calm within.
  2. Another way in is using a Flower Essence. I use Macrocarpa, from the Australian Bush Flower Essences, to support my Conscious Chakra Meditation group. It’s ideal and acts as a pick-me-up boosting our energy levels and revitalizing our physical bodies. 
  3. Finally, your Base Chakra feels grounded and activated when you spend time on your feet! Try marching on the spot and enjoy the sensation of swinging your arms and energy flooding all of you with warmth.  Try lifting your toes up and down off the floor. Then going onto tip-toes and lift your heels. Sense where your weight is going into your feet. Then move your centre of gravity forward, backward and sideways as you circle your body over your feet. This helps you get back in touch with your inner core of strength and add to this by imagining your spine. Sense into your energy column - a core inside you holding you up - energy spiralling around your bones and structure.
  4. You may like to add the Base Chakra Seed Mantra and chant, ‘LOM’. (Sounds like the AUM sound with an ‘L’ in front.) Chant it 9 times, play around with where you pitch it too - start low, start high then swap. 
  5. Affirm to yourself, I tap into the unlimited energy source within me. Notice what comes into your mind as you repeat the affirmation over and over again. (aim for it to become like a chant so you access the power and energy of the words, not just their surface meaning).
  6. Lastly, be inspired: 

"Begin with the possible; begin with one step. There is always a limit, you cannot do more than you can. If you try to do too much, you will do nothing.’

(P. S. Ouspensky and G. I. Gurdijeff)

Let me know how you go when you try out these ideas. Start by checking in and giving a name to how you feel right now. Then try one or all of the ideas above. At the end go back and check-in again. Has your feeling expanded? Changed? Eased?

Blessings and have fun exploring your Base Chakra.