Feeling Stressed?

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Feeling Stressed? What's possible if we could lower your stress levels?

Feel stressed? Your body will increase your cortisol and this increases your appetite so you can fight...it's preparing you for battle.                                                    

You'll go on hyper-alert - so you won't sleep as well. 

You'll eat more unhealthy food because you're over-tired...

You'll become more inflexible emotionally as you are hyper-vigilant...

Today we don't have spears and battle shields or the need for hand to hand combat. So what happens next?


Well, we don't 'fight' and we don't run away (flee).

Both of these responses would have used up the stress hormones flooding our bodies. We'd have calmed down (if we weren't eaten by the predator) and our bodies would have RESET us back to normal: i.e. reducing the hormones that make it possible for us to go into 100% focused action mode.

So what happens next is we go into a holding pattern - (and how annoying is that when you long for your plane to land instead of endlessly circling the airport?!)

This holding pattern is chronic stress. While lower than acute stress it is in potentially far more disruptive and dangerous. 

Acute immediate stress is like responding to an acute emergency.  This situation usually is confined to a Beginning, Middle, End. Most of us perform incredibly under this sort of pressure - we just get on with it, focus and do whatever we need to do in the face of the emergency problem.


Chronic stress continues and continues over time. Initially, you'll adapt and this is how you cope. Eventually, you'll wear out. Your coping strategies will probably not be healthy and frequently you won't be aware of them and their link to your stress. For example, some coping strategies numb the feelings while doing nothing to resolve the stress: consider issues of self-medicating, drinking more alcohol, working harder and harder to fix it (work-a-holic), comfort eating, or binge shopping (retail therapy?!!)

How about resetting your stress levels to low?

Do you need a RESET? Would returning to your calm, joyful self be bliss? 

Would a breakthrough change your life for the better?

Call me and let's see how we can work to help you RESET and dissolve your stress. 


My clients consistently tell me they feel Light - after their balance, they just felt lighter, as if a weight had lifted off them. Many tell me they feel happier, they feel joy again. They comment on what a good mood they found themselves in. I also hear they slept well, 'like a baby' after their sessions.

What would you like to change? And what will happen if you do nothing?

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Let's discuss what you could achieve if you could reduce your stress.