Healing Circles

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Healing Circles - A Guide

Healing Circles - A FAQ Sheet

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Benefits of Healing Circles

Honouring ALL of you: Body to Soul

Knowing you are not alone

Being with others who also want to improve their lives naturally

Reconnection with your Divine Self

Increased awareness of your Inner Wisdom


Who are Healing Circles for?  People who seek to:

  • Raise their energy levels
  • Reconnect all the parts of themselves
  • Control their own health future 
  • Learn and apply natural health practices
  • Apply natural pain management techniques
  • Desire to improve their quality of life
  • Want to be friends with themselves again and love themselves 


What is a Healing Circle?

  • It is a sacred circle led by one person who holds the space for the group
  • An ancient geometric form that amplifies and enhances everyone's focus and energy
  • Opportunity to devote time to Self-Care
  • Chance to increase Self-Awareness, and management of one’s own pain - physical and emotional
  • Regular attendance has been shown scientifically to increase the outcomes for participants


Why join a Circle?

  • You’ll receive holistic guided support within a group
  • You’ll find it easier to maintain your focus and meditation
  • You’ll receive healing energy from everyone in the group 

The energy you give through focused thinking and participating in the techniques will be amplified and returned to you ten-fold through the process

How is a Circle run?

  • The Circle Leader establishes and maintains the sacred space, guiding the meditations 


Circles are run with:

  • Compassion, gentleness and Active Listening
  • The Self-Responsibility Model: you are responsible for your feelings, words, actions and responses
  • Confidentiality (participants are requested to share only their own experiences and not speak for others outside the circle)


When are the Circles run?

  • Currently, I run them monthly in Redcliffe at the Redcliffe Library.

They will start at Keperra in 2019.

I have an online circle starting soon too - I’ll keep you posted!


One participant said about the Healing Circle:


'I really enjoyed it and found it to have profound effects. When the session ended I felt quite 'strange',  almost melancholy, but by the time I arrived home I felt renewed like my soul had been topped up with love...hope that makes sense! Thanks, Molly for your wonderful work.'


For myself, as the Circle Guide,  I am blessed to lead the circle and participate in raising our energy levels with proven energy techniques from ancient healing traditions - TCM and Ayurvedic.


After each circle, I have felt a deep nourishing peace and calm accompanied by a high level of positive energy. The energy that is grounded and enables me to be focused, but not a rushing agitated high energy state.  Hope that makes sense! Molly