Help! Whats the question and answer?

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Help! What's the question? Where's the answer?

You really can say just what you're thinking when you have a balance. Start where you're at and don't worry that you're not clear, precise or specific about the feelings bothering you. I’ve had people walk in for their session and just say: 'Somethings not right just don't know what it is…', 'I get stuck at this point in my business, and I just don't get it…', 'I just don’t know what to do with myself. I need to sort myself out. Things that worked for me before aren’t working now.’


Just say what’s on your mind….

What I know about energy is that Your Body knows the answer. I interpret it for you. I connect your senses, your words and your feelings. This gives you back your freedom to choose. Then you feel lighter, deeply centred, relaxed and with renewed motivation and focus. In a kinesiology session, I find the energy points on your body that are congested or stuck and in releasing them energy flows to other energy points that were ‘dehydrated’. You can be dehydrated for plain water - and your brain truly needs water so it doesn’t shrink!


Dehydration….physically and emotionally

However, you can also be dehydrated emotionally and I can quickly find and rectify this for you. Recently a client needed Turkey Bush, a Bush Flower essence. Emotionally dehydrated, she was struggling to ‘create’ the life she wants to live. Her Creativity energy was dehydrated and not flowing which looks like unhappiness, frustration with her work and depression about the meaning of her life.


The tension of fixed patterns 

But let’s go further. In this situation, all she could pinpoint at the beginning of her session was her deep unhappiness and her feelings of powerlessness. She felt so stuck. Even though she knew she wanted to change she just couldn’t do it. The patterns, or groove she was in, seemed fixed. And it’s this tension - the tension between awareness, suspicion, frustration and sadness that I resolve for you. You have an awareness of the problem like seeing the tip of an iceberg. You may have an inkling, a suspicion that there is more to it than you can put your finger on. You may be frustrated that you can’t see the whole iceberg and have the fear you’ll run aground when you hit that iceberg! And beneath all of those feelings, you may be really sad. Sad because it all seems so hard. Your patterns were so fixed and impossible to change. But you have a light at the end of this particular tunnel: click here and connect with me!

So let’s get to work. Book a few sessions and give yourself a go. Hydrating the emotional pathways that support our drive, determination and motivation mean we can take action again. You’ll feel happier, lighter and regain your sense of ease and flow. The things you want to do will get done. You’ll renew motivation and committing to change will become easier and easier. 

I’ve seen people change dramatically over a series of sessions. When you have regular sessions you’ll get back your drive to take action. These actions we identify will be from you: your body, your innate wisdom. So these will be the most helpful, supportive and best things for you to maintain progress and achieve your desires. 

What is stuck in us is making us hold our breath, hold back and hold too tight. Once we unblock the stuck parts of our hearts, souls and minds we breathe in.....inspiration, we reach out.....connect and we let go and Soar!