I'm just out of Whack!!

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Isn't it wonderful when your clients write back? Mine often do and I appreciate it so much, plus it offers insights into where we go next...

Who's OUT OF WHACK??!!

(p.s and what about your dog?)

Hint- you don't want to start the Silly Season out of whack....


I hear 'I'm out of whack' from many clients. They know they can feel much better than they currently feel. How will you feel after an Energy Balance - that aligns you physically too?


My client has been on a long journey. She's seen many people over the years but still something was still not coming together. She's been to all kinds of talking-therapy but she knew she needed to FEEL changes, to reach a state of 'embodiment'.

In her words she felt 'out of whack'! However midway through her Energy Kinesiology balance she commented she felt now felt 'content and alive'.


This is what she sent me:

"I feel lighter emotionally & mentally (in a playful way) , more energetically buzzy in & around my body & when going to bed last night I felt sadness rising slowly. A tear fell from my right eye & “acceptance” came to mind.

I feel grounded but not totally settled in my new energy. My dog has also changed in behaviour - she seems less anxious - not as clingy but still needs to be with/around me without needing constant play time.

Thank you for assisting me to heal more concretely K x"


If you've ever had your thoughts hassling you - going round and round and you just want that inner voice to shush....If you feel overwhelmed by powerful emotions and yet they're never expressed fully and released from your physical and astral bodies...If you just long to feel like yourself again...


I recommend you get in BEFORE Xmas & EARLY in the New Year.

Enjoy your Christmas - by being clear, aligned and free of old baggage before the big day with family.


Schedule a session In January and give yourself the best start to 2021 - feeling alive, centred aligned and refreshed!

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