Understanding Headaches

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If you suffer from headaches you'll know how much of a kill-joy they can be. You'll also know how we often carry on despite the pain and struggle to just get through our day. So here are some tips for moving beyond your headaches. But first, explore this when you are not having a headache at the same time! Getting to know your body's messages requires quiet reflection and time to go within. If you're already in pain then it's hard to even think. 

5 Strategies 

  1. Change your thinking from ‘I can’t have this pain!’ to questioning ‘what is this pain trying to tell me'!
  2. Get serious data on your headaches. Use your calendar planner to observe your patterns. Keep notes on your sleep cycle, how much water: coffee/tea/soft drink you have, a food diary, your menstrual cycle, your exercise cycle. Record each headache in a calendar so you begin to see how frequent they are, what symptoms they have, what time of day/night they occur.
  3. Give yourself permission to stop whatever you are doing when you have a headache and gently stretch. Lie on the floor and try a spinal twist. Try any stretches you are fond of.
  4. Increase your exercise by walking 20 minutes daily – just head off in any direction for 10 mins then return – easy 10 mins each way!
  5. Book an appointment once you have your data with your kinesiologist, homeopath or naturopath and ask for help in understanding yourself. A kinesiologist can hone right in on the emotional/mental component of your headaches.

And if pain still persists then go to your doctor and seek more tests and medical help. Just don’t shoot your messenger!

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