What Story is your Body wanting to Heal?

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“The gulf that exists between us as people

is that when we look at each other we might see faces,

skin colour, gender, race, or attitudes,

but we don’t see, we can’t see, the stories.”

Neil Gaiman


When you self-care by having a kinesiology session your body reveals what is underneath your face. Your body tells the story.

And I've found over my years of balancing people that people have incredible stories to tell....
and yet they can only murmur hints to their 'story' like:

I'm out of whack

I'm feeling stretched....

I'm agitated

Then by exploring their energy lines, their personal songlines if you will, they talk, they share.
And the stories that are suppressed,
squashed down beneath the busyness of life,
masked by the professional face,
the caring mum face, the stoic dad face,
the cool self-conscious teenager face ... these stories bubble to the surface.

These stories are begging to be unpacked. To be witnessed.

Listening to them I feel so much love, so much responsibility to honour the path you tread upon.
To support you to make meaning of your own story.
Of where you have come from, what you have been through and to where now you'd like to go.

Your stories have power and meaning.

When you FEEL how what happened to you links to the energy blocks and sabotages held in sore muscles, how your stories create those draining looping thoughts and stressful reactions and then you
SENSE the energy shifting and transforming...

You receive HOPE.

Hope that change is not impossible, or scary, but real, attainable and yours.

By tuning into what your body needs, together we feed your soul and free your Spirit.

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