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2020 February

6 Steps to Being Grounded

Life is busy, we are all rushing from one thing to the next. We all never give ourselves the time we need to recover. Read my 6 simple ways to stay gr...

2019 August

Healing Circles

Interested in trying out group healing. I run group sessions called 'healing circles'. These sessions can help you raise your energy levels and other...

2019 June

Help! Whats the question and answer?

Feeling like you don't understand the question or the answer? That is ok. Read here for some of my tips and find not only. the questions, but the answ...

2019 April

How kinesiology works

Want to learn about Kinesiology? A major component of Kinesiology is muscle testing, a technique where the body tells us where issues are, and how to...

2019 March

I just don't feel right

Are you ok? Do you feel right? Are you on track? If you answered no for these questions you might benefit from this article where I talk about stress...

2019 February

Your Energy Blueprint

What to learn about how your energetic systems work? Touch for Health has many benefits and can increase your energy, lower stress and increase confid...

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