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2019 April

How kinesiology works

Want to learn about Kinesiology? A major component of Kinesiology is muscle testing, a technique where the body tells us where issues are, and how to...

2019 March

I just don't feel right

Are you ok? Do you feel right? Are you on track? If you answered no for these questions you might benefit from this article where I talk about stress...

2019 February

Your Energy Blueprint

What to learn about how your energetic systems work? Touch for Health has many benefits and can increase your energy, lower stress and increase confid...

2019 January

Intermittent Fasting and Gratitude

Ever considered intermittent fasting? Click here for an article on intermittent fasting and the energetic benefits that it can have for you and your b...

2018 December

When people stop paying attention

Ever think you're being ignored? Want to get your point across & communication? Read this article for some tips on how to communicate better with othe...

2018 November

When talking is too painful

Too painful to talk? Don't worry, Kinesiology has the answer to this. Muscle testing is a method of getting information from your body without words.....

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